Texas : Karen mino pahnih cu Thi cia in an ruak sarsuak a si

Fort Worth, Texas ih um Karen mino 2 cu October 10 zinglam ah thi cia in an ruak hmuhsuak a si.

Tu ah, thu umdan zingzoi rero lai a si ruangah an thuhla theihcian a si hrih lo nan ruak vui nak ding le an sungkhat unau ṭanpi nak ding Gofundme ahlu dilnak ih ngan mi ahcun Karen mi Za Nay Htoo (kum 23) le Snay Gay (kum 27) an si tiah an tarlang.

Mirang thuthang ih ngan mi ahcun…..

Fort Worth homicide detectives in mithi ruak hmuhsuah a si thu, October 10 zinglam nazi 8 hrawng ih thuthang an dong veten ṭuanvonei ṭhenkhat cu mithi ruak hmuhsuahnak 1000 block Echo Lake Drive le 1200 Felix Street lam ah zohhliahnak nei dingin an thlah.

Mithi ruak cu ur kang veve mi an siih an pahnih in pehtlaihawnak an nei maw neilo, zo an si, ziangruangah an thi tvk cu ziangzoi rero lai ding a si ruangah palik lam in simfiahnak an nei lo.

Ruak vui nak ding le mithi tei` sungkhat unau ṭanpi na duh le hinah hmet ….. Two young adults from the Karen community, Za Nay Htoo (23 years old) and Snay Gay (27 years old) have passed away this weekend. An investigation is still on-going to find who killed these two valuable members of our community here in Fort Worth. We are raising support for two funerals and two families to support during their huge loss of a loved one. No pain would ever be like the loss of a child, and without answers at this time the family can use all the support we can give them. Please consider a donation during this time if possible, phone calls checking on the family and prayers would also be a great help.

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