Covid 19 vaccine dawt Volunteer cu Sii a dawt hnu ah Ṭek in a tla that

Moderna company tuahmi Covid 19 vaccine second phase test nak an nei lai ah Sii dawt volunteer kum 72 mi cu Sii dawt hnu ni 28 hrawng ah Ṭek in a tlathat.

Ahmin phuan a si lomi vansiat tontu thihhlohnak cu US Food and Drug Administration in Moderna vaccine thawn pehparmi simfiahnak an nei nakah an report telcihmi a siih Ṭek in a tlak ruangah Lung lam siat in mual a liam tiah an tarlang.

FDA report ahcun “December 6 tiang Siidawt volunteer lak ah Vaccine dawt ruangih vansiat tong a si lo mi thihhlohnak tongtu mi pathum an um.”

“Volunteer Kum 65 mi, mipakhat cu Sii dawt hnu ni 25 rei ah pneumonia a ngah ih a thi. Kum 72 mi cu Ṭek tlak Lung siat in a thi ih, Kum 87 mi, Volunteer mipakhat khal, Sii dawt hnu ni 45 rei ah Lung lam thawn pehparmi bradycardia natnak in a thi” tiah an tarlang a si.

Moderna tuahmi Covid 19 vaccine thuthawn pehpar in US Food and Drug Administration report nganmi ah kan tarlangmi Vansiat tong mipakhat le damlonak dang ruangih thi mi pahnih bak lo cu Sii dawt ruangih vansiat tong dang an um lo a si.

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