UNFPA ih Video Tawi Zuamnak ah Chin nu Bor Sp in Pakhatnak Ngah

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) tawlrelnak in Leitlun Mino Ni sunloihnak ih Video tawi zuamnak tuahmi ah Chin nu Mai Bor Sp cun pakhatnak angah a si.

Mai Bor Sp zukmi Youth Corner thu video tawite cun pakhatnak angah ti`n UNFPA in an mai` Facebook cahmai ah an tarlang.

Bor Sp cu Chin Christian University ah hnaṭuanmi a siih Youth Corner tiin Hakha khua ih nonawn pawl ṭhansonak hrang hmunhma pakhat cangsuak dingih tawlreltu a si.

Hih zuamnak ih Laksawng cu a pakhatnak 500,000/- kyat, pahnihnak 400,000, pathumnak 300,000 pawl an si.

Video na zoh duh le hinah hmet .. Youth Corner

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zuk : Bor Sp FB cahmai

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