HAKHA : Dawr 18 ih Caan Cem Ei-in Ting 1.8 Kyat Luan Man An Kai

Food and Drug Administration hoha nakin Hakha, Pidawtha veng ih Dawr pawl ah Ei-in Caan cem zomi check nak an nei thu theih a si.

August 11 ni ah Khuatlang mipi hrisel nakding hrang duh san in check nak an nei mi a siih Ei-in zuar Dawr 18 pawl ah check nak an nei tiah MRTV cun a tarlang.

Cuih check nak ahcun Caan cem zomi Ei-in Ting 1.8 man pawl an lon sak ih Dawr thil an zuar mi ah, taksa hrang ih ṭih nung mi chemical tel Ei-in an zuar maw zuallo timi khal, tu lai technology hmang in Check nak an nei.

Cumi ah, Ei-in phun 9 pawl cu Mobile Lab Van ah check nak an nei ih minung hrang ṭih nung mi chemical a tel lo a si ti`n Food and Drug Administration ṭuanvonei Daw Myint Thi Da Tin in a sim tiah MRTV cun a tarlang.


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