US Siibawi pawl in Covid 19 dokhamsii thawn pehpar mi ralrinnak simthan an beisei

Covid 19 dokhamsii dawttu pawl ih side effect tuar ding mi cu thil olai men a si lo zia, mipi hnen ah tlangthannak nei cia dingin US doctor pawl in Sii tuahtu company le Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hnen ah duhhlannak an nei.

Pfizer le Moderna company ih suahdingmi Covid 19 dokhamsii hin Covid 19 nat nei besiatuk lemlo pawl ih tuar mi vek (Luna, taksaa, thacem, taksazawng tvk) side effect a nei ruangah voikhatnak a dawttu pawl in side effect ṭih ah voihnihnak dawt lo ih an um pang ding an phang ruangah US doctor pawl in tuvekin thuburnak an nei mi a si.

American Medical Association ih ṭuanvonei Dr. Sandra Fryhofer in “Pfizer le Moderna company ih suahdingmi Covid 19 dokhamsii hi nilak kaan in a hranten voihnihdawt ih dawt ding mi a si.” a ti.

Covid 19 dokhamsii test lai ih volunteer sii dawt tuar pawl in sii dawt hnu ni malte sung taksa, Luna, taksazawng le thacem in kan um tiah side effect an tuar mi an rak relsuak dah.

“Sii test nak ih volunteer miṭhenkhat cun side effect an tuar ve lo ruangah thuphan sii in dawt siding titiangin an rel suak. Asinan mitamsawn cun ni malte sung side effect kan tuar an ti. Curuangah Covid 19 dokhamsii dawt hlan ah a dawttu ding pawl hi side effect a um ding ti`n simthan cia sehla duh a um zet. Voihnih dawt ding a siih mipi hnen ah side effect an tuar ding mi kan sim cia lo cun voikhatnak an dawt ih side effect tuar mi ṭih ah voihnihnak an dawt duh nawn lo pang ding ti phan a um” tiah Dr. Sandra Fryhofer cun US hrambun ASAC hnen ah a sim ih “voikhat dawt lawng cun nathrik a dokham fuh thei lo ding” a ti.

Covid 19 dokhamsii cu Sii suahtu company in emergency hrang ih hmang thok thlang dingin Food and Drug Administration hnen ah dilnak ca a theh lut zo ih FDA ihsin siannak ca an ngah le December thla thok lam ah US ram ah Covid 19 dokhamsii an hmang thok thlang ding a si.

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