US cozah in Los Angeles-Hong Kong pehzomnak Peng 8000 sau Internet hri Ticat Duh

Los Angeles le Hong Kong pehzomawnak, tipi thuanthum tang ih peng 8000 sau Internet cable hri cu China cozah in US ram thlingthla thup ding phan ruangah US cozah in ti cat a duh.

The United States Department of Justice sungih committee Team Telecom in 2016 ih Facebook le Google ih tuahmi LA le Hong Kong pehzomnak Internet hri hmang in China in US ram a thlingthla thupding a phan ruangah chat dingin US cozah hnen ah dilnak ca a thelh lut mi a si.

Peng 8000 sau Internet hri cun Los Angeles ihsin Hong Kong, Taiwan le Philippines ram pawl a pehzom.

US cozah a thinphannak san cu
1. Technology hmangin China ram in mi a thlingthla thup áš­heu
2. Internet hri tuahnak (investor) ih , China ram telecommunications services tumbik palinak Dr. Peng Ltd a tel ruangah
3. China cozah in Hong Kong ram a control tumsinnak ruang bikah a si.

Asinan Team Telecom cun US-Taiwan-Philippines pehzomnak Internet hri cu a mah kelten umter a duh thu, US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hnen ih ca a thehlutmi sungah a tel a si.


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