Ukraine cozah in Russia sungthu a darhter

Ukraine cozah (Ministry of Defence) pumruang pakhat a si mi Chief Intelligence Directorate cun zo hman ih ruah ban lo mi Russia cozah thuthup a pholang.

Russia cozah cu Putin a lal hlan ihsin mi thlingthla thiam dinhmun in leitlunpi ih theih lar an si ih, atu khalah Russia cozah hin leitlun kilkip ram tinkim ah Russia cozah hrang mi thlingthlatu amalbik mi 3 tal a ret tiah mithiam pawl in an zum.

Mifim pawl zum cia vekin atu ah Ukraine cozah cun ram dangdang ih um Russia “Spy” pawl an pholang.

Russia cozah thupeknak hnuai ih hnaṭuan Federal Security Service (FBS) Officer mipum 620 pawl ih hmin cazin cu Ukraine cozah in online ah a darhter.

Cupawlcu Europe mualpi ih mi thlingthla dingih thlah mi an si ih a ṭul ahcun mi tiang an that tiah The Times in a tarlang.

An hmin, suahni, an umnak hmun, phone number le an mawṭaw number tivek tiang pholang a si ih
a duh tapiang zoh thei dingin website ah an ret ṭha.

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