Tikhawlnak sungih Zawng 13 thi mi in Mipi thinphanter

Silchar : Cachar District Assam, India, tikhawlnak sungah zawng thimi ruak 13 hmuahsuak a si.

Zawng 13 ruak pawl cu Silchar subdivision, Public Health Engineering Department ih zohkhenmi Katirail water supply plant sungah hmuhsuakmi a si.

Public Health Engineering Department ih Junior Engineer Pradipta K Dey cun “zawng 13 ruak pawl cu in-ti khawlnak Katirail water supply plant ah hmusuakmi a siih an zaten ti par ah phuanawk in hmuh a si” tiin a sim.

Tikhawlnak ih tidai cu innsang 350 pawl ih in-ti a siih hih thuhla in an thin a phangter ngaingai.

Zawng pawl cu tur hmang in that hrimmi a si ding tiih zumhmang a siih post-mortem an tuah hnu ah thil danglam an ei mi lole tur ruangih thi an si ti hmuhsuahbet a si.

Hih thuhla cu zingzoi pehbet rerolai a si ih zawng pawl cu duhsan neiin tur an pek hnu ah tikhawlnak sungih hlonmi a si ding ti zumnak a um.


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