Puh Mawh Aw Nak ruangah Kum 35 mi Kerala Dr a Thlai aw That

Kerala ih Dr pakhat cu a mai` tuamhlawm mi mina thih thu ih puh mawh awk nak ruangah lungbuai thin har in a thlai aw that.

Anoop Ortho Care Hospital neitu Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Anoop Krishnan (kum 35) cu a kut ngel, naam thawn a at aw hnu ah a thisen thawn “sorry” timi ca a ngan ih a thlai aw that tiah Kerala media in an tarlang.

Kum 7 nauhak nute cu September 23 ah a ngal/ke ngawi/kawi mi rem ṭha dingin Anoop Ortho Care Hospital ah surgery an tuah.

Amah hi Lung lam damlonak nei mi a si ruangah siizung ṭhenkhat ih cohlang ngam lo mi a si. Cuvek dinhmun si cing in Dr. Anoop siizung ah surgery an tuah ih van siat thlak zet in heart attack thawn a thi.

A sungkhat unau pawl cun Dr Anoop Krishnan in it that si a dawt ih felfai ten a tuamhlawm lo ruangah a thi an ti ih siizung hmai ah duhphorhnak an nei hlei ah Dr. Anoop le sungkua pawl dodalnak online campaign an tuah.

Cuih puhmawhnak pawl ruangah Dr. Anoop cu thinhar beidong in a um ih, a neet ah, tuar thei nawn lo in bathroom sung ah a thlai aw that.

Amah hi a nupi Dr. Archana thawn fapa pakhat an nei ih a thih nak thuhla thawn pehpar in Kerala palik in zingzoinak an nei lai tiah TOI in a tarlang.

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