James Bond zuknung cang hmaisabiktu Sean Connery mual liam

Cangtubik dinhmun in James Bond zuknung rak zuk hmaisabiktu Sir Sean Connery cu caan tawkfang damlo in a um hnu, Bahamas ih a um lai ah itthatlan in a nunnak a cem tiah BBC cun October 31 ni ah a tarlang.

Sir Sean Connery cu Scotland ram mi a siih kan dung August thla ah khan kum 90 a kim.

Athihnak thuthang a suak veten Lemcang khawvel ih a rual ṭha pawl cun an ui thu le an riahsia thu online ah an tarlang ih, James Bond zuknung tuahtu khal in “Sir Sean Connery cun kum 90 a kim hnu ah mual in liam san. Amah hi cangtu dinhmun in James Bond lemcang hmaisabiktu a si. 1962 kum ih James Bond zuknung hmaisabik Dr. No a cang hnu ah From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice le Diamonds Are Forever timi James Bond zuknung pawl cu hlawhtling zetin a cang suak a si” ti`n twitter ah an tarlang.

Sir Sean Connery cu Scotland rampi ih suanvawr zet mi lemcangthiam hminthang a siih 2006 kum ih American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award timi zuknung khawvel ih sunloihnak ropi a dong hnu in zuknung khawvel in a cawl.

1988 kum ah The Untouchables timi zuknung thawn Oscar a rak dong ih a mah tel nak Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, Highlander, The Hunt for Red October le The Rock timi zuknung pawl khal mipi duh a co zet.

2000 kum ah British siangpahrang ih khaisan mi sinak “Knight” dinhmun saang a co ih “Sir” tiih kawh a simi hmin ṭhatnak a nei.

A nupi hmasa Diane Cileto thawn fapa pakhat an nei ih 1975 kum ih a neih mi a nupi Micheline Roquebrune thawn cu a nunnak a cem tiang fa an nei thei lo.

Amah hi James Bong cangtu minung 9 lak ih mi ropibik tiih ruah mi a siih a nunnak a cem mi hin zuknung khawvel ah thimzing a tlung ter a si.

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