George Floyd thihnak hmun ah Ṭhangphawknak thleng, Tipilnak nei

Christian mino pawl ih Pathian duhnak ruangah le a thuthangṭha phuangnak zarah midum George Floyd thihnak hmun ah ṭhangphawknak a thleng ih mitam zet piangthar in tipilnak khal an nei.

George Floyd ih tantami innsungsang pawl ih sawmnak ruangah le Leitlun hmun tinkim ih Pathian thu, Thuthangṭha sim dingih nunnak pe awtu mino pawlkom Youth With a Mission (YWAM), Circuit Riders, Worldwide Outreach for Christ, Local church pawl hoha nakin George Floyd thihnak hmun ah zingtin Pathian thangṭhatnak an nei.

“George Floyd thihnak hmun ah kan team Circuit Riders in Pathianthu simnak kan nei ih mitam zetin rundamnak an co. Simcawk loding khawp ih tam in piantharnak an hmu.”

🔥 Live Baptisms from the George Floyd Memorial. A move of God is stirring!!!! Please pray 🙏🙏🙏

👉 If your looking for…

Posted by Joshua Lindquist on Monday, 8 June 2020

“Ninghang, riahsia, lungkekkuai nak pawl cu Pathian in a ti dam ṭheh a si. Pathian kutcak langin hnaset khal a hna a ong thi thu message khal ka dong. Pathian cu thanṭhatin um ko seh” tiin cangvaihnak ih telvetu Bomberger in a sim.

Hi hmun ih rundamnak cotu pawl cu tipilnak khal an nei cih ih Pathian thuthangṭha aupitu mino pawl cu Pathain kutcak a lang ruangah lungawi in an mitthli a tlak a si.

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