Akshay Kumar in Caw Zuun ka in Ringring A Ti

Bollywood lemcang hminthang Akshay Kumar cun Instagram Live a thlah mi ah “sii ah hmang in Caw zuun ka in ringring” a ti.

Reality TV star Bear Grylls thawn “Into The Wild” timi reality show an zuk tlang ṭum ih Vuui-ek hang an in mi thu thawn peh par in thusutnak a um ih Akshay Kumar cun “ka hrang ahcun a harsa hran lo. Sii ah hmang in zingtinten Caw zuun ka in ringring” a ti.


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Bear Grylls le Akshay Kumar cu “Into The Wild” special episode hrang ah Bandipur National Park ah documentary video an zuk ih cuih video thehlar phah in Instagram Live chat an nei mi a si.

Bear Grylls le Akshay Kumar zuk tlang mi “Into The Wild” special episode cu September 11 zaan nazi 8 ah Discovery Plus ah thlah an tum ih September 14 khal ah Discovery channel ah thlah an tum bet tiah Times Of India cun a tarlang.

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