Gen Min Aung Hlaing i laak tharmi Union Minister 11 le Hnaṭuan a bangtermi Deputy Minister 24 pawl ih Hmin cazin

Sr. Gen Min Aung Hlaing hohami Myanmar ralkpa in rampi thuneihnak a lak hnu a nikhatnak ah Union Minister (ပြည်ထောင်စုဝန်ကြီး) thar 11 a lak ih Deputy Minister 24 (ပြည်ထောင်စုဒုတိယဝန်ကြီး) pawl hnong in an hnaṭuan a banter.

Sr. Gen Min Aung Hlaing i lak tharmi (ပြည်ထောင်စုဝန်ကြီး) Union Minister 11 cu Ministry of Foreign Affairs hrang ah ဦးဝဏ္ဏမောင်လွင်, Ministry of Office of the Union Government le Ministry of Home Affairs hrang ah ဒုတိယဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီးစိုးထွဋ်, Ministry of Defence hrang ah ဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီးမြထွန်းဦး, Ministry of Border Affairs hrang ah ဒုတိယဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီးထွန်းထွန်းနောင်.

Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry hrang ah ဦးဝင်းရှိန်, Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations hrang ah ဦးအောင်နိုင်ဦး, Ministry of International Cooperation hrang ah ဦးကိုကိုနိုင်, Ministry of Information ဦးချစ်နိုင်.

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture hrang ah ဦးကိုကို, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation hrang ah ဦးမြင့်ကြိုင် le Ministry of Health and Sports hrang ah ဒေါက်တာသက်ခိုင်ဝင်း pawl an si.

Hnaṭuan a cawlh termi (ပြည်ထောင်စုဒုတိယဝန်ကြီး) Deputy Minister 24 cu U Khin Maung Tin le U Min Lwin (Ministry of Office of the State Counsellor), U Tin Myint (Ministry of Office of the Union Government), Maj-Gen Soe Tint Naing (Ministry of Home Affairs), Rear-Admiral Myint Nwe (Ministry of Defence).

Maj-Gen Than Htut (Ministry of Border Affairs), U Maung Maung Win, U Sett Aung, Dr.Min Ye Paing Hein (Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry), U Bharat Singh (Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations), U Hau Do Suan (Ministry of International Cooperation), U Aung Hla Tun (Ministry of Information), U Kyi Min (Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture), U Hla Kyaw (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation).

U Kyaw Myo le U Thar Oo (Ministry of Transport and Communications), Dr.Ye Myint Swe (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation), Dr Htun Naing le U Khin Maung Win (Ministry of for Electricity and Energy), Dr Myint Kyaing (Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population), U Aung Htoo (Ministry of Commerce).

U Win Maw Tun (Ministry of Education), Dr Mya Lay Sein (Ministry of Health and Sports), U Kyaw Linn (Ministry of Construction), U Soe Aung (Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement), U Tin Latt (Ministry of Hotels and Tourism), U Hla Maw Oo (Ministry of Ethnic Affairs), Ministry of Foreign Affairs ………., Ministry of Office of the President …. pawl an si.

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